Door Five Creative is an American broadcast media company producing educational series and human interest story media content. 

Anchored in storytelling, our mission is to change the narrative by de-stigmatizing sensitive topics such as mental health, trauma and loss (financial, emotional and/or physical). We work with medical professionals, specialists and corporate leaders to help educate patients, employees and their loved ones through short-story films and other media content for a better quality of life. Patients and/or employees may have cancer, are terminally ill, or have experienced a brain or spinal cord injury that’s changed their lives. We’re dedicated to helping those who suffer heal and transform their perspective. Additionally, we’ve launched a new series to complement our educational series which focuses on scripted and unscripted human interest topics that push the envelope, challenge conventional thought, and uncover truths below the surface. 

Our stories change perspectives …

Media with a Purpose

At Door Five Creative, we’re dedicated to creating media content such as podcasts, radio programs, news articles, educational videos and short-story films that give people the tools to make a change and see their life in a different perspective. We believe many people who suffer from trauma, loss, and illness don’t reach out for help when they need it. Whether it’s educating patients who recently had a spinal cord injury how to manage their circumstance and understand options medically, or someone whose had past trauma trying to navigate emotional pain, our media organization provides stories to help give individuals better tools to persevere.